The history of the BudAffect Name

Budapest is a fantastic tourist location and the expat community here is large and social. We notice that there are lots of nomads and travellers who enter the city and then never leave. They choose to build their life here based on the experiences the city offers. This was the original BudAffect. With every one of our services, our aim is to improve performance. That could be higher conversion rates, more traffic from social media, lower bounce rates or more leads generated. The outcome of this, ultimately is more revenue for our clients. This is the BudAffect and what we can do for you.

The History of BudAffect
Jamie Murphy - BudAffect CoFounder & Tech Tamer

Jamie Murphy

+36 70 525 0064

Tech Tamer

Kecskés D Ágnes - BudAffect CoFounder & Marketing Magician

Kecskés D Ágnes

+36 30 753 4686

Marketing Magician

Németh Anna - BudAffect CoFounder & Data Diver

Németh Anna

+36 30 753 4686

Data Diver

The History of BudAffect

Events & Meetups

We have lots of image assets of events, presentations, social gatherings from our meetups and events. You can find pictures in the following locations.

Digital Budapest - A free digital community founded by BudAffect

Frontend Fighters - A frontend development community founded by BudAffect

Marketing Magicians - A marketing community founded by BudAffect

The History of BudAffect

Budapest Hikers

Budapest Hikers is our hiking community consisting of expats, digital nomads, students and locals within Budapest. Currently we have over 3500+ hikers in our community and we organise monthly hiking events with an average of 50 hikers joining us to explore the nature. The key of Budapest Hiker’s success is the community focus. Our events are known as more than just hiking, because people get to meet so many amazing people during the event. We are proud to hear that most of our hikers end up making friends with other hikers and continue to meet after our events.

The History of BudAffect

Digital Budapest

Digital Budapest is a digital community that we are creating in the heart of Budapest for digital professionals. We currently have more than 250+ members with different kind of expertise.

Currently the main focus is our free slack community which has 230+ digital professionals currently. We also organise social events to connect professionals in the city in an informal manner with drinks & good times to be had.

If you are a Digital Professional in Budapest then please go to and send a request to join

The History of BudAffect

Marketing Magicians

Marketing Magicians is a professional community of marketers from all areas of marketing. We organize monthly meetups to share experiences and best practices. We actively encourage members of the marketing community in Budapest to present and share their knowledge with us too. Topics at the meetup have ranged from Kickstarter marketing to Snapchat, and every month, there is a new adventure with new skills to learn and new connections to make.

The History of BudAffect

Frontend Fighters

Frontend Fighters aims to join the development community in Budapest in the honourable fight against bugs and bad user experiences which are all over the internet. Their secret weapon is a community who share their knowledge and experience every month at our meetups to help the other frontend fighters to upskill and strike back.

Topic wise the presentations at our meetup cover everything from a super geeky technical project to workflow recommendations and client management technique.