Marketing Magicians, Nemeth Anna from Budaffect about heatmaps and Mattias from Growth Panda Agency about a kickstarter project

Marketing Magicians #3 – Heatmaps and Sybrillo’s Kickstarter campaign

We just had another great marketing magicians meetup sharing best practices with other professionals. First, BudAffect’s very own Anna presented a workshop about heatmaps, then Mattias from Growth Panda Agency shared his experiences about leading Sybrillo’s Kickstarter campaign.

Sybrillo’s Kickstarter campaign.Marketing Magicians Budapest Mattias from Growth Panda Agency

Anna’s presentation focused on the importance (and the how-to) of setting up heatmaps. What is worth keeping in mind when analyzing heatmaps is what your users see, and what they simply scroll through. If your banner is in an area which people don’t spend any time on, you basically wasted resources on creating that banner.

Always make sure that you have a CTA button, or your slogan at a spot where 100% of your visitors “look” at. Of course, when we talk about heatmaps, how can you actually say that you know where people look at? There was a lively discussion on the merits of eye tracking software’s advantages – but, as Mattias has pointed out, according to studies, there is an ~ 80% correlation rate between the users’ cursor movements and eye movement. So using heatmaps is still a reliable way to always improve on your website design – even on mobile or tablets, they follow your taps very closely.
Hotjar, mousestats, clicktale and crazyegg all offer great services, the only real difference between them is the pricing, and the ease of use. If you feel like you can’t splurge on a service that also offers user recording, user testing might be your answer – just call in some members of your target audience and see how they use your site.

Marketing Magicians budapest heatmaps presented by Anna Nemeth

Mattias’s presentation focused on the campaign his agency conducted for Sybrillo’s Kickstarter campaign. Sybrillo is a Hungarian startup which manufactures a GoPro accessorry. 660 backers pledged $149, 026 to make this GoPro stabilizer come alive – and Mattias told us about all the sweat and tears that went into reaching this target.
We learnt that their team started collecting email addresses weeks before the Kickstarter campaign started. They had multiple ads tested to reach their target audience, and the knowledge about their preferences helped them prepare their donation campaign as well. Their campaign was mobile only, starting from the landing pages.
Mattias shared some really interesting insights: for example, remarketing worked remarkably (sorry, I couldn’t help it!) well. He also told us that their most “valuable” customers (those who bought the biggest number of products) signed up before they offered them any exchange for their email addresses. We also learnt that when the campaign started, they sent two emails per day to their supporters. Their relentlessness really paid off! Sybrillo is now in production.

Thank you for everyone who came to the meetup – we were so happy about the lively discussion and knowledge-sharing that took place. You can check the Marketing Magicians meetup/Facebook page for our next meetup! If you have a topic you would like to hear about, or have a presentation you would be willing to present, drop us a line!

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