Frontend Fighters #7 – Frontend Fatigue & What Comes Next is the Future!

Our very own Tech Tamer Jamie started the Frontend Fighters meetup 7 months ago. Last night we hosted the latest event cussed on identifying & beating Frontend Fatigue and the future of the internet.

Frontend Fighters Budapest Norbert Varga from Mito - frontend community in Budapest, Budaffect

Norbert Varga was the first & only speaker of this event and he covered a topic very personal to him, Frontend Fatigue. Recently he realised that he was burnt out and had lost motivation for self improvement and development. He talked to us about how he realised this and what he did to solve the problem so that others in the audience can identify burnout for themselves and hopefully find a way back on track!

Frontend Fighters Budapest Norbert Varga from Mito - frontend community in Budapest

Normally the Frontend Fighter events have two speakers but for this event we managed to get an exclusive screening of “What Comes Next Is The Future” ( which is an exclusive web documentary focusing on the story of the web as told by the people who have shaped it into what it is today, such as Jeffrey Zeldman, Tim Berners-Lee & Eric Meyer & more!

The documentary covered the progress of the web and the obstacles it has overcome so far whilst identifying the potential and limitless possibilities for the web in the future.

Frontend Fighters Budapest Norbert Varga from Mito and Jamie Murphy from Budaffect

We also introduced the Digital Budapest community to the attendees and encourage all Digital Professionals in Budapest to join to create a connected network which links everyone to a vast network of knowledge and opportunity.

The next Frontend Fighters event will take place on Nov 3rd. If you have an interest in Frontend Development then we would love for you to attend and even present in future if you wish. Get in touch now!