BudAffect & The Community

“We can all improve!”

Our desire to be better is what drives us. We create communities of experts so that not only can we share our experience and knowledge with them but they can share theirs with us. Every individual their own strengths, weaknesses, methods and approach which means that there is always something new to learn.

By collectively sharing and pooling or knowledge and experience this way we can help to improve the standards of development and marketing in Budapest.

Frontend Fighters
Frontend Fighters was our first community and is now almost a year old. We hold one meetup a month and in that time the events average over 30 attendees per event with topics varying from UX, data analysis, Angular and how to manage your time effectively.

The focus of this group is to learn more about Frontend Development, improve workflows and to network with professionals living in or passing through Budapest.

We’re always looking for presenters to share their passions with us so please let us know if you want to share it with the community.

Marketing Magicians
Marketing Magicians is our second and newest community that is 6 months old. After the success and positive feedback from our Frontend Fighters community, we were excited to share and learn from experts in another field. As our two main passions are Development and Online Marketing we felt the natural progression to Marketing Magicians was the next step.

The community here focusses on teaching new methods of marketing and improving upon existing skills to offer more value to clients. Our attendees are a mix of marketers and businesses looking to improve their online presence.

We would love for you to present your marketing expertise to the community so don’t hesitate to get in touch,

Working together makes us stronger
We love sharing our knowledge to improve the standards of marketing & development in Budapest and learning from our community to expand our own skills and ensure that we are working with on the cutting edge to deliver the best results.

If you’re curious about the friendly, supportive and creative atmosphere at our events then please join us or send us a message to find out more information!