BudAffect at Startup Safari Budapest

BudAffect at Startup Safary

Startup Safari returned to Budapest for the 2nd year in a row and gave a fantastic insight into the startup culture in the city! Attendees were able to visit many of the startups, businesses and coworking spaces in the city whilst attending 100’s of events to learn everything from React.js to startup accelerator programs in South Korea!

BudAffect contributed by hosting two presentations and assisting the fantastic Startup Safari team at the Innovation Workshop program ran by Alex Farcet (founder of Startupbootcamp).

Jamie presenting at Startup Safari Budapest for BudAffect

Our Tech Tamer & CoFounder, Jamie presented on the first day of the Safari programme, presenting how to create a scalable media website using YouTube as your CMS to avoid the expensive costs associated with hosting & streaming video. He used TheCONTENTBible which we build for TheLADBible as an example of what can be achieved with this method.

The opportunities for this method are endless for anyone looking to integrate video content into their website or create a secondary revenue stream alongside it. For example Vloggers could use this to integrate their YouTube videos into a website and cross sell other products.

Agnes presenting at Startup Safari Budapest for BudAffect

Our Marketing Magician and CoFounder, Ágnes presented on day 2 sharing her experience of growing our Budapest Hikers community. She gave plenty of community building tips to a full crowd!

On the second day, Jamie helped the Startup Safari team to host the Innovation Workshop for investors. The fantastic Alex Farcet led a fascinating workshop with the attendees to address many of the obstacles facing innovation and sharing ways to tackle them head on and push the boundaries. He shared his personal experiences from founding and running Startupbootcamp where has worked with and mentored some of the most talented and successful startups of the last 10 years.

Apart from our own contributions to Startup Safari Budapest we tried to make the most of the opportunity to learn from the vast array of talent in the city and attended as many presentations and workshops as we could possibly fit in. We learnt an awful lot, discovered new tools, technologies and approaches to working that we are excited to put into practice in our own workflows over the coming months.

Of course after all of the learning, everybody was ready to blow off steam and party on Friday night and Startup Safari really know how to throw a party! There was a fantastic atmosphere, talented people and a green screen to fulfil your fantasies and blow your mind. Overall we loved Startup Safari Budapest and can’t wait to be involved again next year.

BudAffect team at Startup Safary Budapest