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BudAffect at Startup Safari Budapest

BudAffect at Startup Safary

BudAffect contributed to Startup Safari Budapest with two presentations and helping in other ways too. We loved the 2 day event and can’t wait for next years.

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What Defines a Startup?

In my previous life as a developer in numerous agency environments, tech meetups and startup events one question that I have regularly heard but never heard a single, sufficient answer to is “What defines a startup?”.

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Creating a Digital Community in Budapest

Budapest is a city with a very active digital presence in terms of meetups, events & socialising but there has not been a single platform that enabled quick and effective communication across the Digital Community.

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BudAffect & The Community

Our desire to be better is what drives us. We create communities of experts so that not only can we share our experience and knowledge with them but they can share theirs with us.

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