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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We gather data from your site & clients to provide effective tweaks to improve performance against KPIs

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Thanks to the experience of our team and the data we gather from working with our Data Analysis specialists we can provide effective tweaks to your existing website to improve performance against KPIs and improve your conversion rates!

Magento CRO

Our Magento services are of the highest quality, with certified Magento developers working on serving the needs of you & your clients! We can optimise your build to perform better and deliver better on your KPIs

Woocommerce CRO

Some e-commerce builds don’t justify the complexity of a Magento application, but still require a robust & reliable platform to sell on. WooCommerce is the perfect solution and we love working with the simplicity of the WordPress management platform to meet your e-commerce needs.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

We are passionate about marketing and social media marketing especially. Our specialty is turning your fans into a community!

Social Media Marketing

We are passionate about marketing and social media marketing especially. Our specialty is turning your fans into a community!


From creating marketing campaigns for global brands to managing a facebook page and keeping fans informed & happy, we at BudAffect deliver high quality Facebook marketing that your followers will love.


Looking to reach a B2B audience and expect higher quality leads from your investment? LinkedIn is perfect for more corporate marketing and we reliably deliver quality results.


Brand management on Twitter is a unique challenge. Effectively expressing complex business needs in 140 characters is an art that we’ve mastered! We engage your audience and create loyal fans through tweets!


Give customers a glimpse of your inner workings, let them swoon over your products, create competitions and challenges or use the platform as a PR machine. The possibilities of how your business can utilise Instagram are endless. We would love to work with the primary visual social media platform to show off your brand!


A growing & booming untapped market! More & more companies are finding success through Pinterest marketing. Create fans, give inspiration or drive traffic to sales through this emerging giant!

Social Media Marketing

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Data Analysis Data Analysis

You know a lot more about your customers than you might think. We will help you figure out what to do with all of the data you already have, and turn it into actionable insight.

Data Analysis

You know a lot more about your customers than you might think. We will help you figure out what to do with all of the data you already have, and turn it into actionable insight. We can also help you find out what data you would need to serve your customers even better, and how to measure it. No data? No problem: we can help you find out how to MVP your product to find out the most about your potential customers.

Shopping Data

Can you cluster your users? Is it possible to predict when and what to market to them? If you have shopping data, you already know a lot about your customers’ habits – let us shed some light on them.

Stakeholder Personas

Based on shopping data and user behaviour, we will draw up what we know about your customers – so next time you make a business or design decision, you can ask yourself and hypothesise how your users will react to your ideas.

KPI Dashboards

What is the number that the CEO should see every morning? What about the CMO? What counts for the whole team? As we see how your business’ numbers depend on each other, we can pinpoint which parts to pay extra attention to.

Google Analytics

If you run any kind of online service Google Analytics data should be your bread and butter. We can help you set it up in so that you have trustworthy data that allows you to make good business decision on content, design, and user behavior. We cut through the numerous metrics to find out what’s really important.


We firmly believe heat maps should be run on the most important pages of your site all the time – because sometimes, what seems obvious to you will never occur to the visitors. Heatmaps are a window into how your visitors behave on your site.

Campaign Analysis

If you already ran any kind of marketing campaigns, we want to know all about it. We analyse the data and learn from it, so that your next campaign is even better.

Competitor Analysis

Who is similar to you? Who is aspirational? What is it that they do differently? We will collect their messages, the good and the bad that they are doing – and give it all to you to help your decision making.

Data Analysis


who already work with us

TheLADBible - Working with BudAffect
TheLADBible - Working with BudAffect

About the project


TheLADBible are currently the 10th most visited website in the UK above Twitter and other major websites.

They needed a new platform to license the large library of video content they have. Much of their content goes hugely viral with over 25 million likes on Facebook and an active audience. We worked together to provide TheLADBible with their content licensing platform called TheCONTENTBible.

About the project


Baconsult invests in promising startups and helps them to grow and achieve their goals.

They hired us to create a custom data-based online marketing training to educate their mentee startup companies. In this training we helped them to understand how they can gather data, read the numbers and then make strategical decisions and marketing campaigns.

budget car rental hungary
budget car rental hungary

About the project


Budget Car Rental expanded its franchise network to Hungary in 1990 and is part of the second largest car rental network in the World, the ABG Group.

One of our specialty services is community building and community focused marketing mixed with sales. Budget Hungary needed to establish their social media presence and we worked with them to build up well functioning Facebook page and grow their audience. Whilst doing this we assisting in the training of an internal team to which we handed over the Facebook page to along with guidelines and a marketing strategy for the coming months.

Indivizo automated video interview
Indivizo automated video interview

About the project


Indivizo makes recruitment faster and easier with their automated video interview solution. It means that people can go through the process of recruitment in less time and get to know their potential employees to a much higher level, much quicker.

We work together in numerous ways and in the past we have helped them to find B2B leads using Linkedin advertisements. We have also planned and created a landing page campaign to convert visitors into customers.

Logiscool - Working with BudAffect
Logiscool - Working with BudAffect

About the project


Logiscool is one of the leading franchise networks of coding education for children. Their services are currently available from 30+ locations over 4 countries.

We worked with them to to advertise their franchise program and create a new marketing website to encourage potential investors to consider creating their own Logiscool franchise.

Interrelocation - Working with BudAffect
Interrelocation - Working with BudAffect

About the project


Inter Relocation is Central and Eastern Europe’s premier provider of services to expatriates. Their service is available in 22+ countries and they have a fantastic reputation as being one of the most reliable and friendly relocation agencies to work with.

We work with Interrelo in several ways and currently are working hard to improve their conversion rates and to utilise the traffic that they get. Our ongoing campaign to improve the website month by month and section is a never ending learning process for both parties in the mission to maximise conversions.

What we have to say

BudAffect at Startup Safari Budapest

BudAffect at Startup Safary

BudAffect contributed to Startup Safari Budapest with two presentations and helping in other ways too. We loved the 2 day event and can't wait for next years.

Marketing Magician #8: Build clientele as a DN & Product Search

Marketing Magician #8: Build clientele as a DN & Product Search

Marketing Magicians is a community of marketers who gather once a month to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

What Defines a Startup?

In my previous life as a developer in numerous agency environments, tech meetups and startup events one question that I have regularly heard but never heard a single, sufficient answer to is “What defines a startup?”.


Creating a Digital Community in Budapest

Budapest is a city with a very active digital presence in terms of meetups, events & socialising but there has not been a single platform that enabled quick and effective communication across the Digital Community.


Frontend Fighters #7 - Frontend Fatigue & What Comes Next is the Future!

Our very own Tech Tamer Jamie started the Frontend Fighters meetup 7 months ago. Last night we hosted the latest event cussed on identifying & beating Frontend Fatigue and the future of the internet.


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Jamie Murphy - BudAffect CoFounder & Tech Tamer

Jamie Murphy

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Kecskés D Ágnes

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Németh Anna - BudAffect CoFounder & Data Diver

Németh Anna

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